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Rachel Jeffries

This is a word of wisdom for someone today, "Don't let things slip by you."  So many things will present themselves to you.  Allow trustworthy people to help you walk through unknowns.  There are those who prey on widows and widowers so listen the discerning of the Holy Spirit.  Hopefully your family has the knowledge to help you.  Many widows and widowers have benefits coming to them but they don't know how to get the information.  Don't be timid about asking questions.  Not everyone needs to know our business, however, there are people God has placed around you to be a support.

It can be a scary thing to allow someone to enter into areas of our lives that are private.  That is why we must call on the Lord for wisdom. If we feel a little scratchinside, that is called the inward witness.  Don't cross over that warning.  But if you have peace, that is God telling you this person is okay.  Make sure you have asked the Lord and you are grasping for help and take the wrong person.  Open up to God and ask Him to show you. He will reveal.  All we have to do is listen.  God bless you!

PRAYER: Father we come to you asking for your wisdom. I know I need help in areas of my life.  I do not have ability in all things so I humble myself to accept the help you send to me today.  I ask for the Holy Spirit's direction in all the affairs of life.  Come in and fill me up with peace and clarity from you.  I ask this in Jesus Name.  AMEN

CONFESSION: I confess I have the wisdom of God, the peace of Godand the direction of God.  I confess the Holy Spirit guides me in all things.  I live and have my being in Him.  I am not afraid to accept His help and those He sends to me.  He is a God is more than enough therefore I can trust in His care.  HALLELUJAH!